HiRecruitment & Training


HiRecruitment & Training offers recruitment solutions for your organisation and delivers government incentives.

Our objective is to make a substantial difference to the way recruitment is looked at for our clients, we will take over all or some of our client's recruitment needs. 


With over 10 years' experience, we strive to deliver excellence in everything we do; whether employer or job seeker all our customers will consistently have a positive and valuable experience when working with us.


recruitment success improving graph

The average cost for a recruit is £3,000 and for some companies the process can take 2-4 months. This is why we need to think outside the box in seeking smarter ways to recruit.

Our advertising campaigns are designed to maximise your online coverage and ultimately reach a broader, more diverse range of candidates.

By understanding your needs as a company, we can customise a unique package tailored to you if none of the above quite fit. 


We have structured a recruitment programme that works to qualify talent that will match the business needs. The process will qualify talent, motivations, aspirations and development areas to ensure that the company’s talent management programme can meet them.